Volunteer Criminal Record Check Procedure

Posted by North Okanagan Minor Lacrosse on Mar 28 2015 at 08:20PM PDT in 2015 Box Season

All NOMLA Volunteers who have involvement with our players are required to complete a Criminal Record Check, OR, must have a current Criminal Record Check on file with NOMLA Executive.

NOMLA Volunteers include; coaches, managers, bench personnel, medical staff, jersey parents etc.

Anyone who will have direct contact with players, or access to player dressing rooms must complete a Criminal Record Check.
Your Criminal Record Check must be renewed every 3 years.

If you will be volunteering on a NOMLA Team in any capacity, please contact Allison McKill, Manager Coordinator, at to ensure that your CRC is up to date with NOMLA and complete. Those who require online CRC screening will be given an access code to submit their online CRC screening request. All requests and results are confidential. The Criminal Record Check Process is a BCLA requirement for all Minor Lacrosse Teams. The deadline for Criminal Record Screening submission is April 25th.

18.01 All lacrosse bench personnel, officiate, manage, train with children 18 years of age or younger must submit to a criminal record check.
18.02 The criminal record check must be renewed every three (3) years, prior to the start of the regular season play.
18.03 Failure to provide a criminal record check could result in the individual being suspended from coaching.
18.04 The BCLA Executive strongly recommends that all associations with athletes 18 years of age or younger, institute a policy that states no adult should be alone with a child and there should always be at least two adults present at all times around a child.

18.05 It is the responsibility of the minor box associations, youth field associations, senior box teams, men’s field teams and women’s’ field teams to ensure that the appropriate adults have a current criminal record check on file. The CCR’s are to be returned to a designated volunteer screening officer of the local association/team, who will confirm that the appropriate adults (per 18.01) have a current CCR. If there is a problem the CCR can be forwarded to the BCLA Volunteer Screening Officer for a resolution. The CCR box on the coaching form 100

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