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JOCAP is an acronym that was selected so it would be easily remembered — Joint Officials
Coaches Abuse Panel (JOCAP).

This panel was created to put an end to the copious amount of verbal abuse that coaches,
players, parents and fans inflict on the officials in our game. This panel has a dozen people on it
– six from the BC Lacrosse Officials Group and six from the BC Lacrosse Coaches Group.

JOCAP’s mandate, as directed by both the BC Lacrosse Officials and Coaches Technical
Support Groups during the 2015 Special Sessions Joint Session, is for both the officials and
coaches sectors to work together to identity why there is so much abuse and to find solutions to
this ongoing issue. Strong recommendations have been made to the Directorates for suspensions
to help eliminate the abuse.

The system is broken and this ongoing cycle of abuse must now end. Times have changed. No
longer can coaches use the excuse "Back in the day, my coach yelled and screamed at the
referees so now it my turn”. It is no longer acceptable behaviour to use profanity, use rude
gestures, or threaten or intimidate a referee. Respect is a vital part of the game and it must be
displayed by everyone or the game will simply not grow.

We are losing officials at an alarming rate and what really hurts all of us is that we are losing the
high level referees who have said they have had enough of the abuse. They don’t like the way
they are being treated in the game so who can any one blame them for leaving? Why would
anyone place themselves in an environment where they are not having fun?

Last year there were death threats, RCMP having to escort referees to the parking lot and
players going the referees’ homes to physically assault them. On top of that, there was constant
bullying and the most horrific things said on social media about officials.

We have hit an all time low. We are destroying our game. We are in a crisis situation for referee
availability. We struggled to get referees to officiate regular season games, begged referees to
do double duty for play off games and had bare bones for referees to do provincials. We were
forced to place referees in games over their heads which made the situation uncomfortable for
everyone. This is not fair to the players, the coaches or the officials.

After many meetings, to sum it all up, the common denominators are coaches showing the bad
behaviour and the players emulate their coaches with bad behaviour. The parents see this
display so they think it is acceptable. On the flip side, the referees do not call penalties because
they are too young and inexperienced or the seasoned veteran is told to have thicker skin.

For 2016, coaches will coach, players will play and referees will officiate the game. Everyone
has their role in the game. No longer can a coach embarrass, humiliate, swear or be aggressive
toward any official. This type of behaviour distracts the officials from doing their job on the
floor and it is a safety concern for the players.

The referees have been instructed to call it early and often. Consider this a warning…

2016 Instructions to Officials

At the 2016 Officials Clinics, the referees have been instructed to call unsportsmanlike and
abuse of officials early and often.

The Head Coach of each team in totally responsible for his/her bench. Bench is defined as
players, door personnel, assistant coaches and trainers. This Head Coach must take the time to
talk to the parents/fans before the very first game of the season about respect for the game.
These parents/fans must keep their negative comments to themselves. If any parent or fan is
abusive to any official they will be asked to immediately leave the arena. The game will be
suspended until the abusive individual(s) leave(s) the arena.

Door Personnel (Novice and below). Their job is to open and close the door. That is it. They
count their players onto and off the floor and they may cheer on their players. The door people
may never say a negative comment to the referee.

2 minute Unsportsmanlike Bench Minor + Game Misconduct + Game Report.
Any player except a designated goal keeper shall serve the penalty.

Door Personnel (Pee Wee and above). All Door Personnel are all trained or certified
coaches. Their job is to open and close the door. That is it. They count their players onto and
off the floor and they may cheer on their players. The door people may never say a negative
comment to the referee.

2 minute Unsportsmanlike Bench Minor.
Any player except a designated goal keeper shall serve the penalty.

For a second Unsportsmanlike Penalty from the bench.
2 minute Unsportsmanlike Bench Minor + Head Coach Game Misconduct + Game
Any player except a designated goal keeper shall serve the penalty.

A bench penalty will also be called if a trainer, door person or coach, while attending an injured
player on the floor makes a negative comment or attempts to intimidate the official.
2 minute Unsportsmanlike Bench Minor.
Any player except a designated goal keeper shall serve the penalty.

In Pee Wee and below, the coach may talk directly to the official about an interpretation of rule
without going through the captains. Of course, this is only in effect as long as the coach is polite
and not aggressive in behaviour.

In Bantam and above, the referees have been instructed to use open communication with the
coaches as long as it is polite and quick dialogue. This is not intended for repeated questioning
of calls and must not unnecessarily slow the game down.

As the Head Coach is responsible for the bench, he/she must make sure of the following.
1. Must not enter in argument with the officials.
2. Must not say any negative comments to anyone in the game.
2. Must not attempt to influence any calls (running commentary) or any decision of an official.
3. Intimidate any official. (Aggressive behaviour)

In cases where the coach has a complaint against the performance of the official – no good can
come from that coach talking to that referee. The mechanism in place at this time, is for the
coach to report that referee to his own Head Referee. If need be, that Head Referee will report
that referee to the referee zone co-ordinator.

In all cases, only the Head Referee, referee zone co-ordinators, referee clinicians, Chair and
Vice Chair of the BC Lacrosse Officials Group will be permitted to talk to any referee about
his/her performance.

Head Coaches are encouraged to speak to everyone associated with their teams about abuse.
This abuse must stop now. All games are going to heavily monitored.

For this 2016 season, information about this paper will be disseminated in the following
1. On-Line BCLA Community of Practice to all Topic Areas
2. BC Lacrosse Coaches Group Information Sheet
3. On the BCLA Website
4. At Coaches and Officials Meetings and Clinics
5. Tournament Packages and RIC
6. Pre-game talk by the officials of the games
Let’s all work together so everyone can enjoy the games.

Joint Officials Coaches Abuse Panel (JOCAP) Representatives


Team Krause Brings home Gold

Posted by North Okanagan Minor Lacrosse at May 15, 2016 3:23PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Congrats to NOMLA’s Novice #2 Team on their gold medal win. They went 4-0 crushing their opponents at the Nicola Valley Lacrosse tourney! Well done Legends on your spectacular win!


To all LAX Players,

Due to the cancellation of the High Performance Program offered in conjunction with BCLA, NOMLA has outsourced assistance from EXCEL Performance here in Vernon. With their help, we have created an exclusive program geared toward:* Increasing Size, strength, speed, agility and endurance.*

This Lacrosse program follows a Functional Movement screen where asymmetry’s in the body are recognized that may limit performance and increase risk of injury. It is important for all athletes to gain a true understanding of preventative programming that increases strength, stability, power and force.

According to Excel,_ “if you want to jump higher, run faster, reduce injuries, be stronger…BE BETTER at your sport [then] you need to train for it”!_

This Program is designed by Excel’s Athletic Performance Specialist, Rhonda Catt. Rhonda has been helping many athletes within the Vernon Area become the very best they can be. If you are interested, please RSVP to We encourage all players who are looking to improve their performance and overall health to consider this program. We are looking for a minimum of 16 registrants so we can keep the cost down. Overall cost will be $69/month gst and will include +*_proposed_* 2 days of training per week (tentatively Monday/Wednesday @ 3:30 pm (flexible depending on who registers)).

Don’t Delay – SIGN UP TODAY!

The document Excel Performance Training OFFERING was attached to this post.

NOMLA is encouraging all players to partake in the baseline concussion testing being offered April 17th at Norval Arena during our annual picture day. The cost is between $50-$60. We are asking for full commitment for players between the ages of 10 and 16. Many sports associations make this mandatory for the health and well-being of their players. Not only for players and parents to manage the symptoms but for coaches to understand the importance of brain health and recovery after a player experiences a concussion.

What is a Concussion?

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury caused by excessive force to the skull which in turn causes damage to brain cells. A concussion can cause many different problems including physical, cognitive and emotional impairment, which may have long-term effects.

Many athletes assume that getting their “bell rung” or not losing consciousness means they’re not concussed. That is incorrect, symptoms may not appear immediately and athletes should be evaluated to determine if they have sustained a concussion

Baseline Concussion Testing

Every athlete is unique, therefore should have an individualized baseline test; including symptom, cognitive and balance error scores. The Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT3) is a standardized tool used for cognitive testing for both baseline and post-concussion re-testing. When returning to sport from a concussion, post-concussion testing is compared to their baseline test to ensure safer return to sport. (as defined by Infinite Sports Therapy in Burnaby BC – as recommended by Selects Performance)

“Multi-facetted baseline testing of brain function is what we recommend for all participants in contact sport. The Complete Concussion Management protocol is an excellent resource for providing a comprehensive, streamlined management strategy for concussions in any sports organization.” – Alpine Ski Canada

Symptoms of Concussion:
◾"Pressure in the head"
◾Neck Pain
◾Nausea or vomiting
◾Blurred vision
◾Balance Problems
◾Sensitivity to noise/light
◾Feeling like in a “fog”
◾"Don’t feel right"
◾Difficulty concentrating/remembering
◾Fatigue or low energy
◾Trouble falling asleep
◾More emotional


To all members, we are asking for some input with regards to *_*+concussion baseline testing+*_* for all NOMLA players for this season. Many Associations have implemented a concussion protocol into their policy manual as a means to safeguard players against brain injury. We have an opportunity, within the next few weeks, to have Dr. Erin Woitzik of Neumovement to come with her team and provide this testing. I need to have a list of parents/players who would be interested in this. The cost will be between $50-$75 and this will provide a baseline to which we can monitor brain development after a player has been concussed. We highly recommend that players between the Peewee and Midget Division consider having this done.

Here are some quick links designed to provide critical info to both players/parents and coaches:

Coaches –
Players –
Parents –

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us direct.

NOMLA Executive